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How do we work with social distancing?

Hands will be washed before moving and hand gel should be used as needed. All windows and interior doors should be left open. Open the exit door and place the products near the exit. Maintain a one-metre separation from your Mover. If you like, put on a facemask and gloves. If/as needed, travel independently to your destination (check with Mover).

How Fast Will I Receieve My Quote?

We will get back to you within 1 working hour 

Are the movers willing to assist with loading and unloading?

Yes, a friendly working driver will assist with all carrying, loading, and unloading of the removals van, and additional workers may generally be hired for a little incremental rise in the overall hourly fee.

Is there a minimum charge?

Yes, most established movers who cover the whole of London have a two-hour minimum fee policy, which is usual for most established movers who cover the whole of London. This is to account for part of the travel time to and from tasks, which can be anywhere in London.

Are all areas of London covered?

Yes, all of our movers are located in London and often provide services throughout the whole London postcode region, as well as perhaps farther afield inside the M25 border (depending on the job required and size of the load etc).

Do you cover long distances?

Our movers only provide a long distance service for full removals (i.e. apartment, home, or office) inside the London region. Unfortunately, we do not provide a service for moving single goods or small cargoes outside of the London region (such as a room in a flat share etc). In such circumstances, utilising a courier service - such as this one - may be worthwhile.

What size moving vehicle do I require?

There's usually no need to select a removal van size unless you have restricted access to your home. Simply be as exact as possible with your list of things to be transported, especially the larger ones, to ensure that you are assigned an appropriate vehicle.

Is it possible for me to transport my belongings to Europe?

Yes, we can provide a mobile service from the United Kingdom to wherever in Europe.

Is it possible to take things to the dump?

Yes, we can provide a dump service for yourselves please keep in mind dump charges will be added to your invoice.

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