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A Bit About Us

Our London movers are well-organized and have a lot of expertise. From rooms in flatshares and small flat transfers to completely furnished house and office relocation, all types and sizes of home moving services are available.

We are familiar with our movers and know that they usually arrive on time and deliver an efficient and professional service at the agreed-upon fee. It may mean we can't pretend to be as 'large' as some of our competitors, but that's fine with us; our major priority is to provide a safe and dependable service.

Our movers typically work between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. seven days a week in downtown London and the neighbouring districts (times can vary between different Movers and depending on availability).

Our movers' rates are competitive, with a removals van and a working driver assisting with loading and unloading often starting at approximately £40 per hour for a short move, with the option to hire additional workers for a slight incremental rise on the hourly cost. Costs might vary depending on availability and other variables, so get a quotation to be sure.